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MK350N Spectrometer
The UPRtek MK350N Spectrometer is the first truly compact, lightweight illuminance spectroradiometer which can be used without a computer for evaluation of next- generation lamps such as LED, OLED and EL illumination, as well as, conventional architectural and stage/ studio lighting, even lab research applications.

With its advanced sensor and outstanding design, it can easily measure CCT(Correlative Color Temperature), CRI (Color Rendering Index), illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, spectral distribution of virtually any light source in the lab or out in the field.

User friendly design, simple menu and 3.5 inch touch screen interface with color graphics make it the ideal tool for multiple applications within the lighting industry.

Reading appears instantly in easy to read full screen color graphics and measurement results stored via an SD card in raw data MS Excel and BMP formats.

The MK350N Spectrometer comes with certificate of calibration to NML/CMS standards, and can be re-calibrated at any time with its internal Dark Calibration feature.

MK350N Spectrometer is a powerful tool for almost all applications of visible lights spectrum analysis in lighting industry, for example:

◆ LED,OLED R&D,QC, Sales, Purchase
◆ Light source Spectrum,CCT,CRI evaluation
◆ Outdoor advertising screen test
◆ Computers and mobiles backlight modules test
◆ Automotive Lighting / Guiding
◆ Street / Tunnel Illumination
◆ Indoor Illumination / Decoration
◆ Museum / Displaycabinet light design
◆ Lab and field scientific research applications
Excellent operation experience
The time spent for fluent processes started from booting to zeroing calibration, to data capturing to diagrams form-up to data storage is just within a few seconds!